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Replacement for Asus N53JN Laptop Keyboard With Ribbon Cable

Asus N53JN keyboard
  • Black Asus N53JN keyboard
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US layout, english letters
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100% brand new, Ribbon cable included
1-year warranty, 30-days money back
Fast worldwide shipping at same fee

We have the excellent quality Asus N53JN laptop keyboard which is 100% compatible with your original part. Our Quality Control team is good at testing each laptop keyboard and make sure they match your device 100%. Cheaplaptopkeyboards.com guarantees a 60-days money back and 1-Year warranty on each Asus N53JN keyboard replacement.

Replacement for Asus N53JN keyboard: US layout and 100% brand new, tested OK before shipping, Excellent quality with quality warranty. If you experience issues such as stick keys, faulty or unresponsive strokes, the Asus N53JN keyboard is the best choice for your laptop. 30 days money back and one year warranty!

How to choose the correct Asus N53JN laptop keyboard?

Please firstly compare the picture with your keyboard before you place an order, especially the ribbon cable (position, length and width). Make sure that the model of laptop and part number of keyboard is the right one you need as well as the layout version. If you are still not sure after a comparation, please Contact us.

How to replace the Asus N53JN keyboard?

  1. Turn off your laptop. Disconnect the AC adapter and any cables, then remove the battery. Turn the laptop over and let it cool off for a few minutes before you begin.
  2. On the underside of the notebook, you'll find screws holding the keyboard and palm rest in place. Set the screws aside, and be sure to keep track of them all.
  3. Turn it over and open the Lid. Slide your fingers under the top of the palm rest and gently pull it up, moving from the center to the outer left and right edges. Leaving the fingerprint reader attached, place the palm rest down in front of the unit.
  4. Lift the damaged Asus N53JN keyboard up from the front, then pull it toward you to release it from the notebook's frame. Pull up on the connector to detach.
  5. Attach the new Asus N53JN keyboard replacement's connector. Position it over the space vacated by the old connector, and press down firmly until it snaps into place. Slide the top of the keyboard under the lip of the frame (near the display). Ensure that the top edges are just under the frame. Tilt the keyboard down until it lays flat and sits flush with the top, left, and right edges of the frame.
  6. Align the bottom edge of the palm rest along the base of the frame, then press down until the top is also in place. Press firmly on the left and right edges to snap the palm rest into place again.
  7. Close the Lid, and turn the notebook over. Replace all the screws, making sure to tighten them securely. Insert the battery, plug in your AC adapter, and enjoy your new keyboard.
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